The Knickerbockers Story

Born and bred in Lancashire, the Topping family has always had a soft spot for good quality, locally-made ice cream.

Our Managing Director Guy Topping recalls:

 “As an ice-cream loving family, we would always find an ice-cream shop to call at on the way home from days out. If it wasn’t Bonds at Elswick, it would be Carrs at Garstang. Both places made their own ice cream and I loved them.”

The idea for Knickerbockers was hatched on a visit to a garden centre on the outskirts of Prague in 2018.

“I was surprised to find a machine making ice cream in front of our very eyes,” says Guy. “On tasting it I instantly knew we had to have one. It was now just a matter of where to put it!”

All became clear when The Flower Bowl Entertainment Centre opened its doors in 2018. The family leisure venue was the perfect setting for a brand new ice cream parlour.

A location was chosen next to Barbossa Bar. As you can see from the images, this had potential with its good size and prominent frontage, but needed a lot of work!

The next step was to order a Frigomat GX8 batch freezer from Italy. This imported machine can spin 132 pounds of gelato per hour and its sleek design means customers can watch the ice cream being whipped up in front of them.

Staff training was provided by the renowned Manchester-based company Antonelli who have been making ice cream cones since 1912. They also supply us with most of the products to make our colourful and delicious ices.

Knickerbockers officially opened for business in July 2021 serving freshly made, creamy gelato in a range of eight fantastic flavours with a choice of cones and toppings. It was an instant hit!

Thank you to all our customers who’ve made Knickerbocker’s such a sweet success!

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The Knickerbockers Ice Cream Parlour Big Build!

As our Knickerbockers ice cream is the best around, we wanted to create a stand-out parlour to match. Here the idea of creating a giant five metre melting ice cream was born. The general shape was developed at 1/50 scale from clay and then taken to full scale and sculpted into nine individual pieces of polystyrene. Happy with the shape, the cone was then hard-coated and painted in our beautiful strawberry ice cream pink. Once lifted into place the pieces were fixed, the seams were joined and the only thing left was to drop the two metre flake into place! Now, our gigantic ice cream stands in the heart of The Flower Bowl looking nice and tasty. 

View our video as the iconic pink ice cream is lifted on to the Knickerbockers stand and built to what you see at The Flower Bowl today!

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